Decadent Breakfast – Tweaked Eggs Benedict with Spinach

by James December 12, 2010

I went out for some supplies last week to keep an ill and snowed-in Sarah happy.  Eggs Benedict were requested, but this was the result of a trip to Migros and the contents of the fridge.  Wonderfully decadent and rich, this was a great start to the day. To make, you’ll need the following: 1 [...]

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Printable Wrapping Paper

by James&Sarah November 28, 2010

James usually personalises people’s birthday gifts by printing wrapping paper. Most of them are too rude or too copyrighted to ever post on here but I have found an adorable sight that you can print some wrapping paper for free this Christmas – I expect everyone’s gifts to be wrapped in it! Bookmark on DeliciousDigg [...]

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The Snow Arrives in Geneva & Chamonix…

by Sarah November 27, 2010

The ski season actually began today and we planned to make our ski debut for season 10/11 but unusually it also started snowing ALOT in Geneva and we haven’t got the winter tyres on yet so no venturing up the mountain for us! Look at the poor little mini… So James and I are staying [...]

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Beef Kotfas with Vegetable Couscous

by James&Sarah October 25, 2010

This evening, I’ve mostly been in the kitchen watching movies and chopping stuff.  The end result of the was somewhat surprising – who knew that Bond would win it on the flop?! In between all that surprise, I made some beef koftas with mixed vegetable couscous and a tangy tomato salsa. For this, you’ll need [...]

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Italian Road Trip Part 3: Florence & Rome

by Sarah October 24, 2010

We are going to play catch up with what we ate this summer in Italy… but it is nice to reminisce! After Venice, we traveled to Florence and stayed at Podere Le Cave, a marvelous B&B 9km from the city. It has 3 apartments, a beautiful pool and view over Firenze. Mariella and her husband [...]

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Granny’s Chicken Soup

by James&Sarah October 18, 2010

Grandmothers, we’ve all had them, and some of us are still lucky enough to have them in our lives. My Scottish grandmother is going for an operation tomorrow, so this week we’ve been cooking some real homely dishes, due partly to the onset of winter, but mainly as I think back to all the things [...]

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by James&Sarah October 17, 2010

We have changed our flat a bit this weekend. Firstly because I ran out of space to put our books. Secondly because I wanted a shelf. I was always in awe of the interior design blogs that featured shelves where you could put letters and lean pictures – so now we have one. I also [...]

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Normal Service Resumed

by Sarah October 12, 2010

Oh my… how shameful! We haven’t posted here for 2 whole months… oops. No excuses but we have been busy… in the UK, in France, in Marrakesh, at weddings, celebrating birthdays and organising charity balls (you can see the pics here from that if you want!) but now we are back! … I don’t think [...]

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Italian Road Trip Part 2: Venice

by Sarah August 15, 2010

So what were the Venice highlights? Certainly not the amount of people wandering the streets, the crammed public boats (that we soon stopped taking in favour of our lovely hotel shuttle) or one very overpriced, quite rubbish dinner… Instead they were… The view from our hotel room (Hotel Molino Stucky)… The best salad I have [...]

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