Crispy Noodles with Seared Beef

by James on August 2, 2010

While we sift through the 1000+ photos from our Italy trip, I thought I’d share my attempt at recreating something like the Cho Lon noodles.  Not bad for a first attempt, but fun nonetheless! This was supposed to be a quick one, but I ended up pottering around and dithering (what a great word that is) so in fact it took significantly longer than it should have done.  The simple list of core ingredients include egg noodles, beansprouts, red pepper, courgette, sirloin steak, honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, chopped chili, fish sauce and sesame oil.

First of all, soak some egg noodles in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes, draining once soft.  Put these aside while you prepare the other elements.  Thinly slice some peppers and courgettes and put in a hot pan with a drizzle of sesame oil and the chili, turning often.  Moments before you turn off the heat, throw in a handful of beansprouts and then transfer to a mixing bowl.

In a large wok/pan, heat some sunflower/vegetable oil until hot (but not smoking).  Next CAREFULLY put your soaked noodles in the oil, stirring to ensure they don’t turn in to one giant blob.  The oil will spit at you so make sure cats, girlfriends or anything precious are well out the way (that includes your arm).  Let them cook for a few minutes until golden brown, then remove and leave to drain.

When they drain, make a quick dressing with soy sauce, lemon juice, honey, fish sauce, sesame oil and some of the chopped chilis.  Pour this over the vegetables and then move to the final step.  Slice your steak into strips, seasoning with a little salt, a little chili and seal over a hot heat for a few minutes.  Leave to rest and add to the mixing bowl of veg with the dressing.  Give it a mix up (hands are the best for this).  The steak should still be warm, and the heat from the veg should heat up the dressing, so no need to heat it on its own.  Heap the noodles on the plate and liberally spoon the steak and veg mixture over the top, ensuring there is enough juice to mop up the noodles.Bingo!   Enjoy!


Wild Mushroom & Chicken Ravioli

by James April 25, 2010

I went for a quick a wander to the market on Sunday in the blazing sunshine (first outing in shorts so far) and found some wonderfully fresh local mushrooms for the fresh ravioli I had in the back of my head… Some asparagus and fresh vine tomatoes, a few herbs and a poussin (baby chicken) [...]

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The Weekend Breakfast Special!

by James April 18, 2010

So I’m back after last week’s craziness, and have a breakfast special to share with you… Lazy Saturday and Sunday breakfast in preparation for some Geneva sunshine! First up is the simple but heavenly  smoked salmon scrambled eggs. ( You only need eggs, smoked salmon, chives, butter, bread) Whip up some eggs with a bit [...]

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Vietnamese Spring Rolls a la Kim

by James April 17, 2010

We were invited for a Vietnamese feast at our friend Kim’s house this week…she put us to work but we didn’t mind as it meant we learnt to make her amazing Vietnamese Spring Rolls. YUM YUM YUM…. especially dipped in Hoisin sauce. Our host Kim, the expert, showing us the ropes. Et voilà! First you [...]

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Neon Knives and Broccoli and Roquefort Soup…

by Sarah April 2, 2010

James has gone early to the UK and left me to my own devices…ah! One option I considered was just to eat chocolate all weekend but I decided to take the opportunity of being able to get into the kitchen to cook the only thing I can….soup! The best thing about soup is that it [...]

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A Very Quick (but good) Seafood Pasta

by James March 30, 2010

You’ll come to realise I’m not one for recipes.  Yes, they are great for inspiration and they have their uses, but cooking to me is all about discovery.  Splash, drizzle, drop, pinch – all are much more fun and exciting than specific measurements. Recipes to me feel a little like painting by numbers.  Where’s the [...]

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