On a cold and winter Saturday, with snow falling and Christmas approaching I felt like a treat.  Nothing says treat more than a trip to the best butchers in town and an excellent piece of steak for dinner.  Mix in some Dauphinoise potatoes,  excellent wine and the treat factor gets multiplied!

So, below we have Fillet Steak served on a bed of spinach with Dauphinoise potatoes,  carrot puree and a red wine jus.   For this, you’ll need surprisingly few ingredients – key ones are steak, potatoes, spinach, red wine and carrots. Then you’ll also need to find some butter, salt & pepper, cream, parmesan, an onion, bay leaf, rosemary, beef stock, tomato puree & some lemon juice.

First up, is to prepare the Dauphinoise.  Peel a large potato and thinly slice, layering in a heavily buttered ramekin.  As you go, between the layers season the potatoes with salt and pepper, and a few slices of finely sliced garlic.  When you get to the top, pour over some single cream and sprinkle over a little parmesan.  It’ll take around 1 hour to cook at 200c so put in to coincide with the other bits.

Next, pour half a bottle of wine in a pan with a few peppercorns, onion, bay leaf and a bit of rosemary.  Let that bubble away to take on the flavors until it has reduced by around half.  When reduced, strain the wine and discard the onions etc.  Sprinkle in a little beef stock and a teaspoon of tomato puree before returning to a very low heat to sit until ready to serve.

For the carrots, nothing tricky here… slice and boil until soft.  When they’re soft, pop them in the blender with a little cream, and blitz until smooth.  (if they’re not smooth enough for you, you can pass through a sieve to talk out any lumps).  Keep them somewhere warm while you cook the steak.

Finally, wilt some spinach in a hot pan with a little bit of water and a lemon squeezed in. Then serve up!


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